New 12 Simple Home Decorations 2018 That You Must Have

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Having a small house does not mean you can not create a comfortable atmosphere even make it look bigger. Previously, you need to know that this comfortable house does not always have to be filled with a lot of furniture support or decoration that is expensive, but simple home decor only. Yes, you just need to choose a simple home decor that is able to create an eye illusion and efficient place.

Still confused by simple home decorations that can create an eye illusion and efficient? Let's see the list of simple home decorations you must have offerings of Kania below!

1. The walls are brightly colored

The walls are brightly colored as a simple home

Simple house decoration in the form of bright wall colors can create a comfortable atmosphere and larger room effects. The right colors to decorate the walls of the tiny house are white, beige, or light blue.

If you find it difficult to change the color of the walls, try hanging wall hangings or medium-sized paintings that have the brightest colors on the broadest wall as a simple home decor.


2. Tables and seats are translucent as simple home decor

Simple Home Decoration Seat Tembus

When choosing a desk and chair for a simple home decor, choose one that uses a quality translucent material such as acrylic. Although transparent and looks fragile, in fact this acrylic material is strong enough to withstand the burden on it.

These see-through tables and chairs will create a tiny room look bigger than the actual size because you can see the objects behind the table and chair.

3. Display the mirror

Display the mirror as a simple home

Talk about home, home decor is simple and the easiest to use is a mirror. A mirror of any size and shape can create a tiny room that looks bigger up to 2 fold. How to put a mirror in a tiny room is very easy. You can hang it on the wall or put it on the counter with a note that the location is not easily reached by children to avoid accidents.

In order to look harmonious with the interior of the room, choose a mirror with a frame of matching color and shape in accordance with the style of the room. This simple home decoration you can find easily in shopping centers or online stores  such as  dekoruma .

4. Use small furniture

Simple Home Furniture

Avoid using large furniture for simple home decor in the house, let alone a tiny house, although you really like the design. Furniture is too big in the house will definitely make the house felt crowded and full.

We recommend using a small furniture that is tailored to the size of the room. The main key when choosing this furniture is to make sure if the sofa, chair, and coffee table is placed in one room, there is still space left in the middle.

5. Put ottoman as a simple home decor

Ottoman Simple Home


Ottoman is usually present in small or medium size. The function of this ottoman is actually as a foot rest or place put a glass or magazine in a room. However, the soft ottoman surface can also be used as additional seating.

Ottoman can also be moved easily to the desired place because the size is small and the weight is not excessive. It is perfect as a simple home decor for your little family room!


Apply a horizontal line in a simple home decor

Simple Home

Do you know the illusion of the eye using the line? Vertical lines are able to create the impression of a higher room, while the horizontal line is able to create the impression of a wider room. Well, for a room that tends to tiny, apply the motif horizontal line as a simple home decor.

This horizontal stripe motif can be used on the wall. To color the lines, choose safe colors like black and white. But if you dare to experiment with other colors, why not?

7. Create a simple home decor by exposing the ceiling of the house

Simple Home

Simple homes usually have low ceilings as well. This can make the house feel smaller and narrow so that the residents of the house feel uncomfortable to rest. The next simple home decor that you can apply in a tiny house is exposing the ceiling of the house.

Home Decoration Simple

The point is not to let the top of the house open without a roof loh ya, but rather open the cover of the ceiling and let the poles buffer seen. In this way your little house is guaranteed to feel more spacious. In addition, with decorations like these rats will find it difficult to lodge in your home. Pas kan, for you who are looking for a way to drive a safe mouse ?

8. Arrange the furniture symmetrically as a form of simple home decor

furniture is symmetrical as a simple home decorating

Arranging furniture in a symmetrical position as a form of simple home decor can make the house look more tidy, clean, and balanced. Furniture-furniture that can be arranged in this symmetrical position are chairs, cabinets, lamps, and potted plants.

Remember, the furniture does not need to be large but in accordance with the size of the room in the house. Do not forget to adjust the design of the furniture with the interior design.

9. Use lights as a simple home decor to illuminate every corner of the house

The light is an artificial light source used to illuminate the room so that the residents of the house can perform various activities comfortably. In addition, the lights can also be a simple home decor. Put the lights in the right position to illuminate all corners of the room at home. A bright house will make it feel cleaner and more airy.

10. Choose a high open bookcase

simple home decoration

For book lovers, having a bookcase in the house is a duty. For bookcase affairs, choose a high open rack instead of wide to the side. Open bookshelves as a simple home decor will create a more spacious impression of space.

Its high size will be more efficient place compared to the wide shelf to the side. After all, with this open shelf you will find it easier to find the collection of books you want to read.

11. Hang the curtains as high as possible

Simple Home

When choosing a curtain for simple home decor, you not only need to consider the color and the material but also the position of the curtain pole. To make the house feel more magnificent and tall, hang the curtain as high as possible so as to create the illusion. Do not worry if your window is small, because the decoration of this curtain will hide the size of the window.

12. Use a large patterned rug as a simple home decor

Simple Home Decor

Bored with the look of a house so-so? You can try changing the simple home decor by replacing the carpet . For a small house, choose a carpet with soft colors and large motifs to create the impression of a wider room.

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